Your Presence in China

Goldhawk provides customized support and uniquely integrated industrial procurement, quality management, and market access solutions in China, enabling you to deal direct and with confidence.

We also can support with access to new in-country projects, market-entry planning for manufacturers looking to setup in-country, project management for those with end-projects in China, and can provide strategic advice and planning.

Why Goldhawk?

When working with China, you shouldn't have to compromise your interests on any levels. You will however be faced with unfamiliar issues in an alien legal, cultural and business environment which can be challenging to say the least.

Obvious benefits arise from securing locally-based expertise. This allows your team to better control, manage and protect your interests by providing you with experienced boots on the ground, in-country.

Our clients are responsible companies with strict requirements in compliance and traceability and who understand the necessity of having presence on the ground in China for effective results.

With our team of experienced staff dedicated to representing your interests with local expertise and presence, you will find China to be a far more viable and rewarding option.