Industrial Procurement

In Industrial Procurement from China, success depends on being able to follow due process while recognizing and managing the unique challenges of local conditions. We can support the client by offering control, expertise, and bring about efficiencies by tailoring our program services and integrating that into the process.

  • Reviewing Strategic Procurement Options specific to your situation
  • Product Suitability for Manufacturer – where, how and by who
  • Production Planning advice and recommendations
  • Sourcing and Vetting Suitable Vendors for the job at hand
  • Negotiate Contract Terms and Conditions – strategy, structure, pricing etc
  • QA Program Vetting, QC test planning, vendor QC process supervision, QA validation and enforcement, with in-plant inspections and supervision by our experienced QA team
  • Document Compliance and Traceability – document monitoring, validation and management to levels pre-established with client before commencement
  • Shipping and Logistics Solutions for every situation
  • Other Procurement Program Management Services as required for the job at hand.